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OnSIP Click to Call - Firefox Add-on

This Firefox add-on locates telephone numbers in web pages and converts them to Click to Call links on the fly. When you click on one of these links, a call is placed to your OnSIP SIP address and when you answer the call is patched through to the telephone number.

The add-on uses the Junction Networks Web Services API to implement in browser Click to Call. The add-on utilizes the CallSetup API Action with the Rest Response format.

Install Add-on


Version 3.0 for Firefox 2.0 - 8.*



Initial Setup
Important: Set your OnSIP SIP address:

You will see a small ok icon, ok icon, in the bottom right hand corner status bar indicating that the OnSIP add-on is active and parsing web pages for telephone numbers. To disable the add-on, click on the ok icon; it will change to a disabled icon disabled icon.

More Help
See the knowledgebase.

Alternative Download Directly from Mozilla